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WELCOME to the Prisonworld Radio. We offer one of the most unique shows on the airwaves, The Prisonworld Radio Hour, which provides news, talk, celebrity interviews, spoken word, acapella music and information on criminal cases and prison systems across the country. If you are looking for "outside the box" entertainment you have definitely found the best for the 21st Century. The Prisonworld Radio Hour is syndicated to iTunes and other podcast locations. The networks attract over a million monthly listeners globally.

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prisonworld blogtalk, prisonworld radio hour, jobs for felons, prisonworld magazine, jenny triplett, rufus triplett, prisonworld"Prisonworld brings a curiosity to people. We deal with inmates and the prison systems on a daily basis but there is so much more to what we do. We are on the grass roots level of a people movement, as Barack Obama would say. A lot of people say that they do what they do to help people. We truly mean that. If we can help just one person, then we have accomplished our goal. And since we are still around, people must really feel what we are doing. It is so exciting to have listeners all around the world. We are very pleased," says Jenny Triplett, co-host and Editor-in Chief of Prisonworld Magazine. CLICK HERE to see the letter from President Obama

The Prisonworld Radio Hour draws listeners from over 100 countries including the US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Korea, The Netherlands, Turkey, Austria, Norway, Japan and Indonesia, just to name a few. Prisonworld has broadened its brand into a global market in just two years and are offering you the same opportunities with advertising or participation. Would you like to advertise on the Prisonworld Radio Network or sponsor the Prisonworld Radio Hour? Contact us: or call Jenny Triplett- (678) 389-2646


PWRN, Prisonworld Radio Network, Prisonworld
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"Prisonworld radio network is the new cool hot spot on the air i recommend everyone in my network to tune in and check it out."
PWRN, Prisonworld Radio Network, Prisonworld
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"Informative & Resourceful"


Prisonworld Radio Hour, a weekly radio show, streamed across the internet and syndcated in podcast, proving new, talk, interviews and...


Prisonworld Blogtalk, not to be confused with the radio platform, provides prison news, inmate addresses...


Prisonworld Magazine is a globally distributed full color magazine to connect with those behind the wall...

Global Listening Audience in over 100 Countries

"You're dong great work with your show and have a fantastic rapport."
David and Tamela Mann on Surviving Marriage Tips
David & Tamela Mann

Y'all are so funny

Bern Nadette Stanis

"Talking to you was like talking to a girlfriend"

Eddie Griffin

Judge Mablean

Rick Mitchell - TMZ

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Rashad Robinson

Terri Vaughn

Robert Blasier (OJ Simpson Dream Team)

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Brian McDaniel - TMZ


(The Real) Rick Ross

Central Park Five

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