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"Rufus & Jenny are the Real Dynamic Duo!"

Jenny and Rufus Triplett Most Ispiring Couple on Surviving Marriage Tips Rufus and Jenny Triplett have been married over 25 years and have survived some of the most trying times which have included marrying young, having 3 children within a 4 year period, being married while in the military and several other trials and tribulations. If anyone knows hardships in marriages, they definitely do. The best result of their story is that they are reaching out to couples who are struggling and showing them how they can pull together to survive. They have undertaken several entrepreneurial ventures which have included a concert promotions company and currently a multimedia company. Voted as one of 14 Most Inspiring Couples of 2013, Ebony Magazine's Couple of the Year for 2012 and one of Black Enterprise Magazine's Wealth for Life Examples, get ready to be Inspired, Innovated and Ignited from a couple who knows business and marriage.

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Find out how to drop the baggage that is holding you down. Are you looking for the motivation to pick yourself up and dump yourself off? This is the place you want to be.


Why aren't you writing that book that's in your head? What's stopping you from getting started? Get those thoughts out of your!


Diversity University - Corporate Training for companies that need to learn how to better promote, manage, empathize and hire diverse team members

What Happens in an Inspire, Innovate & Ignite Couples SurvivingMarriage™ Workshop?

  • You’ll gain practical, useful information based on real life experiences from a couple who has been married 25+ years.
  • You will be broken into small groups where you can participate in an issues discussion
  • You’ll learn about key words that trigger disagreements and ways to avoid them.

And as a couple:

  • You’ll learn better ways to communicate in order to hear your spouse's needs and concerns
  • You'll be shown ways to find the fun in your relationship
  • You'll be given several takeaways to help you continue build on what you learned
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Safiyyah A

"I saw you guys giving a workshop last year. This year I am giving my own. You inspire me so much."

Iman Siraj-Blanche

"Rufus-Jenny Triplett so my husband read some of your book the other night because I left it on the coffee table. Then he came and started asking me questions.....I was like "

"Excellent Workshop! Great panel with a diversity of experiences. Rufus & Jenny did it again!"

What Happens in an Inspire, Innovate & Ignite Singles SurvivingMarriage™ Workshop?

  • You’ll gain practical, useful information based on real life experiences from a couple who moved from being single to being married.
  • You will be broken into small groups where you can participate in an issues discussion
  • You’ll learn about time and money constraints to marriage and ways to avoid them.

And as a single person looking to be married:

  • You’ll learn better ways to ask the right questions when looking for a mate
  • You'll learn what is a deal breaker vs imperfections that can be overcome
  • You'll be given several takeaways to help you look in the right circles for a mate

"Love you two. You are so inspirational, down to earth and the real VIP's. May Allah allow you to continue to do what you do"


Samuel Wright

"Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century by Rufus-Jenny Triplett is on my Amazon wish list for books to read"


"When I get married I'm going to take y'alls advice."

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Business and Social Media

Social Media Power Couple

Entreprenuership Workshopo n

Spinning your wheels like a hamster? Find out where you need to purge, merge or splurge so you can get out of that viscous cycle. Who's wants to be an entrepreneur? Who wants to be their own boss? Tired of the 9 to 5...we definitely can help. If you have ever been to a seminar for a MLM (multi-level marketing, or Avon or any other buy in home business model) trust and believe that this is not one of those. "This was the best workshop with takeaways I can actually use."

We give you straight up solid advice, based on our experience, on how you can create something from little next to nothing. We tell you how you can can grow from an idea to a steady income. We teach you about the various marketing strategies that you must know and social media strategies that will continue to pay you even in your sleep. We share with you how we beat the norm and became a Social Media Power Couple. Also, you will learn the one secret that all business people have mastered...the art of the followup. Check the EVENTS tab for the latest workshop and be sure to register as limited space is available. To schedule a workshop, send an email to

Writing and Books

20,000+ Books Sold!

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Do you have a dream of writing a book? We can show you how you can realize that dream if you put forth the effort and stay focused. Look to the right for a video on a book workshop to give you an idea of how we can help you get from square one to passive income. Next, scroll down and sign up for our email list so that you do not miss any of our events. You can realize your dreams in a short amount of time with the right information. We want you to succeed. We give these workshops for schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, businesses, community forums, etc.

"Alhumdulillah it was a blessing to get in on the three sessions presented by Rufus-Jenny Triplett. It was a great eye opener for myself as a struggling writer with very helpful important and progressive information. I can't wait to finish what I've started using their helpful advice. I encourage everyone to check out the books and CDs. Thanks Rufus and Jenny."

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Latoya T

"Today's social media event was very informative & mind blowing. Very thankful for Rufus & Jenny."

Afshan M

"You give such good information.I could listen to you talk all day"

Robin Falinda Hunter

"Rufus-Jenny Triplett you are so correct when you say today's parents need to be parents; nonetheless, folks must admit their part and roll so that teaching the next will be a well lesson learned"